Masha's wonderful home is located a short distance from the large wooden house of Misha the Bear. It is easy to recognise thanks to the bright yellow walls. This is where the little girl likes to rest in her cosy bed after all her exciting adventures. The large table is the place where she gets the ideas for all the things that cause havoc in the bear's life.

The Masha's Home playset consists of 95 pieces. Besides the two-storey house with garden, it also includes a large well and a Masha figure.

The building bricks of the PlayBIG Bloxx Masha and the Bear series are suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years old. The BIG-range offers six further building brick playsets as the perfect to addition to Masha's Home. Small children can quickly expand their world of fun with Masha's Garden, Bear's Garden with beehives and tall trees, Bear's Room, a large train or one of the four fun-filled starter sets. The detailed playsets feature replicas of the original characters and allow children to create their own adventures after watching the cartoons.

The cartoons of "Masha and the Bear" are a big hit with children around the world. The series has become one of the most successful animated shows worldwide and each episode clocks up millions of views on a well-known video platform. Besides DVDs and apps with stories about Masha, the series is regularly broadcast to its many fans around the world on children's TV channels. The stories are centred on the unique friendship between two very different characters: Misha, a former circus bear, who now enjoys a quiet life, and Masha, a happy, kind yet mischievous little girl who turns his life upside down and inside out.

The bricks and figures of the PlayBIG Bloxx series are made of high-quality plastic and can be combined with other well-known building bricks.

© Masha and the Bear Ltd. 2008 – 2015 –


Copyright: © Masha and the Bear Ltd. 2008 – 2015 –

  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 36 x 24 x 28 cm
  • content: 162 pieces
  • dimensions: 36 x 24 x 28 cm
  • including 1 play figure (Masha)
  • compatible with well-known building bricks
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