The BIG BOBBY CAR is the first out-and-out children’s car. Best quality, optimum riding comfort and a high standard of safety are extremely important for young drivers.
That is why all the BIG ride-on cars are developed according to strict quality standards and are perfectly attuned to the needs of small children. 50 kg load-bearing capacity and the “tested for safety” GS mark of the TÜV Rheinland testing institute underline the high quality of the popular BIG children’s vehicles.

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BIG New Bobby Car RB3

Especially parents who love to be up to date will love the BIG New Bobby Car RB3. It comes with a body in  turquoise and wheel rims and a horn in bright green which is also one of the much loved colour combinations for sports equipment.

Since 2004 the BIG-New-Bobby-Car has been a great addition to the BIG product range. Featuring streamlined 21st Century design and a car body which has been specially designed to meet the needs of kids, as well as extras offering tremendous play value, the BIG-New-Bobby-Car is the perfect vehicle for youngsters. The new model has also retained and improved all the essential features of the classic model such as the shape which encourages healthy development, the leg rest and the knee recess for older children.

As standard, the BIG New Bobby Car RB3 is equipped with an ergonomic steering wheel with a wide grip surface and high quality whisper tyres to ensure excellent road holding and low driving noise. A secret compartment is hidden behind the speedometer for storing those precious little treasures! Innovative wheel rims and hub caps, along with contemporary graphics, provide the perfect finishing touches.

The BIG New Bobby Car RB3 is made from high-grade materials in Germany and has been tested by the TÜV Rheinland Group according to the strict Directives for Certified Safety. Quality and safety is ensured by the GS symbol of the TÜV as well as the BIG quality passport and the BIG 3-year warranty (for more information about the BIG warranty please click here)


Made in: Germany

BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic Police

The BIG Bobby Car Classic Police allows budding police officers to stop young criminals in their tracks both indoors and outdoors. The high-quality chassis of the police car has been blow-moulded and is therefore exceptionally tough. The ergonomic design and comfortable seat ensure carefree driving. To make sure it stays that way for a long time, a knee recess integrated into the seat makes the car a big it with older children, too. The realistic flashing light and siren sound fitted onto the bonnet provides an audible and visual alert to other playground users and comes with an auto switch-off function.

The design of the police car is also a real eye-catcher. The stylish silver finish in combination with dark blue stickers looks just like the new design of German police cars. As a special extra, each ride-on vehicle is supplied with a set of stickers with the word "Police" in four different languages, as well as bright and cheerful images. This means that young drivers can quickly adapt their BIG Bobby Car Classic Police for use abroad.

The BIG Bobby Car Classic Police is made from high-quality and light-resistant materials and meets the stringent BIG Quality standards. The high manufacturing standard and excellent quality of materials are guaranteed by the BIG 3-year guarantee and BIG quality passport. As with all BIG products, the BIG Bobby Car Classic Police has been tested by the German inspection authority TÜV-Rheinland in accordance with strict safety guidelines (GS).

BIG supplies the BIG Bobby Car Classic Police in robust, customer-friendly packaging complete with carry handle. Each vehicle includes easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

Thanks to its child-friendly appearance, resilient design and versatile functions, the BIG Bobby Car is world's best selling ride-on vehicle. This iconic red car has been produced since 1972 and more than 17 million of them can now be found in playrooms and front gardens around the world.


2 x LR03/AAA

GS geprüfte Sicherheit


Bobby-Ben SLS AMG

The dream car for racing drivers of all ages.

The car Mummy and Daddy would love to drive is now available for the little ones: The new Bobby Benz SLS AMG features a stylish colour scheme with high-quality stickers and the typical design elements of the Mercedes Benz premium brand. And it will not only be your kids who fall in love with this wonderful vehicle. The miniature version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG not only looks like its big brother. BIG has worked closely with Daimler AG to create a perfect replica of the original body and design that offers incredible driving comfort and outstanding features for children from the age of 18 months.

The child-friendly ergonomics and numerous extras of Bobby Benz SLS AMG work together to provide the best possible experience. In addition to a large seat with knee recesses, the ride-on vehicle is equipped with a sports steering wheel with the original emblem of the Mercedes-Benz premium brand, Continental whisper wheels with thread and genuine wheel rims, a speedometer and a rev counter with a control dial. The direct steering gives the car a particularly small turning circle.

The Bobby Benz SLS AMG is manufactured from high-quality plastic in Germany. To ensure the highest level of quality and safety, the ride-on vehicle has been tested by the German inspection authority TÜV in accordance with strict safety guidelines (GS). The high manufacturing standard and excellent quality of materials are guaranteed by the BIG 3-year guarantee and the BIG quality passport.

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Copyright: Intellectual Property Rights licensed by Daimler AG

GS geprüfte Sicherheit

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