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When fishing far out on the lake, the Bear can finally enjoy the peace and quiet and relax. He loves taking his large canoe out onto the water and casting his fishing line. The BIG Bloxx Masha and the Bear "Bear’s Canoe" playset allows children aged 18 months to 5 years to go on fun-packed fishing trips with the Bear. The set consists of 23 pieces that can be used to assemble a wonderful lakeside. Besides a fishing rod, a canoe and a golden fish, the set also includes the Bear figure. Once the little ones have done playing, the bricks can be stored in the container. The base plate is additionally used as the lid of the jolly play box.

The bricks and figures of the PlayBIG Bloxx series are made of high-quality plastic and can be combined with other well-known building bricks. Together with the many other playsets from the PlayBIG Bloxx Masha and the Bear series, children can let their imagination run riot in the fun-packed world of the cheeky little girl Masha.

The cartoons of "Masha and the Bear" are a big hit with children around the world. The series has become one of the most successful animated shows worldwide and each episode clocks up millions of views on a well-known video platform. Besides DVDs and apps with stories about Masha, the series is regularly broadcast to its many fans on children's TV channels around the world. The stories are centred on the unique friendship between two very different characters: Misha, a former circus bear, who now enjoys a quiet life, and Masha, a happy, kind yet mischievous little girl who turns his life upside down and inside out.


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  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 27 x 21 x 11 cm
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