Irrespective of the destination, the BIG Bobby Trolley will accompany small travellers aged three and over wherever they go. It is actually a jolly ride-on and case in one. The cute dog-shaped trolley offers up to 15 litres of space for all those essential travel necessities. Besides the wide locking clamps at the front and rear, the BIG Bobby Trolley is equipped with a secret locking mechanism: if a child turns the nose, the case is locked or unlocked. The inside also contains two secret compartments for valuables in the ears of the robust trolley. Carrying or pulling the trolley is easy thanks to its lightweight and the robust, adjustable belt.

The highlights for every young traveller are the many special play features of the BIG Bobby Trolley. The cute dog is equipped with a handle that folds away into the comfy seat, and four wide plastic wheels. And if you have to wait longer than usual at a station or check-in desk, children can ride comfortably on the robust trolley or relax and be pulled along. They can hold onto the soft grip ears for extra safety. Furthermore, the wide wheels ensure added safety when riding and standing.

Like the BIG Bobby Car, the BIG Bobby Trolley is made in Germany using high-grade, durable and UV-resistant plastic material. The children's case meets the hand luggage limits of most airlines and, if necessary, can be cleaned easily and hygienically.


  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 50,5 x 23 x 34,5 cm
  • Corresponds to the common requirements for hand luggage
  • Capacity approx. 15 l
  • Steady, adjustable strap for carrying or pulling behind
  • Retractable handle
  • Secret lock by rotating the nose
  • Non-slip ears for adherence
  • 2 secret compartments (ears)

Please consider that the strap is not part of the toy and should only be used by adults.

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