The BIG-Bobby-Quad Racing is the ideal ride-on car for kids from the age of 3 years. This ride-on vehicle based on the design of the BIG-New-Bobby-Car and cool steering wheel are manufactured from high-quality materials. The chunky wheels have a profile with exceptional grip and low-noise tread rings to ensure maximum fun whilst driving!

With the safety handle bars, a low centre of gravity and ergonomically designed leg rests, younger and older kids will be able to travel comfortably and safely. Just like the BIG-New-Bobby-Car, this model has as standard two trailer couplings and a secret compartment for those delicious gummi bears! At the same time, the secret compartment also provides the base for the BIG accessory modules such as blue light, ignition key or sound set.

  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 68 x 37 x 46 cm
  • dimensions: 68 x 37 x 46 cm
  • load-bearing capacity: 50 kg

BIG-Bobby-Quad Racing

  • Article number: 800056410
  • Age recommendation: 3 - 7 years
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