The name Sansibar brings to mind waves and ocean, pirates and adventure, and is associated with one of the most popular restaurants in the dunes of Sylt. A characteristic feature is the two crossed swords that today are the coat of arms of the cult restaurant.

The BIG-Bobby-Car Sansibar combines fashionable design and high play value. Elegant black comes with a radiant blue to make the product line a highlight in the house, garden or on holiday. The child-friendly design with easy-grip steering wheel and a trailer coupling both at the front and rear, make this an ideal ride-on vehicle for everyone. The vehicle has a turning circle which is particularly small due to the stepless Ackermann steering system. The low centre of gravity of the BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic Sansibar provides the necessary stability to avoid tipping even during speedier rides. And to make driving even more fun, for even longer, a knee recess is included for older children as standard.


GS geprüfte Sicherheit

Made in: Germany

  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 58 x 30 x 38 cm
  • loading capacity: 50 kg
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