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This wonderful bucket set is manufactured by Smoby Toys, the renowned brand manufacturer from France and fellow member of the Simba Dickie Group. But seeing as these great buckets match the BIG Sansibar series perfectly, we decided to integrate them into the BIG range.                                                                                                                        Elegant black comes with a radiant blue to make the product line a highlight in the house, garden or on holiday. The name Sansibar brings to mind waves and ocean, pirates and adventure, and is associated with one of the most popular restaurants in the dunes of Sylt. A characteristic feature is the two crossed swords that today are the coat of arms of the cult restaurant.

The six-piece Smoby bucket set Sansibar with a watering can is a real eye-catcher due to its innovative colour design and the scratch-proof motifs on the front. The set consists of a bucket with a handle (approx. 20 x 16 cm), a sieve lid, a spade, a rake and a watering can. The set additionally includes two different sand moulds. Their design varies (ship, butterfly, ice cream or ladybird). The digging tools for small adventurers aged 18 months and over are easy-to-handle and therefore perfect for small children.

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