With a range of versatile details, Bobby Benz & Co. invite young children to set out on fun-filled journeys of discovery.
The robust vehicles are modelled on the full-size originals right down to the last detail and are equipped with a variety of play-enhancing features.

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Bobby-Ben SLS AMG

The dream car for racing drivers of all ages.

The car Mummy and Daddy would love to drive is now available for the little ones: The new Bobby Benz SLS AMG features a stylish colour scheme with high-quality stickers and the typical design elements of the Mercedes Benz premium brand. And it will not only be your kids who fall in love with this wonderful vehicle. The miniature version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG not only looks like its big brother. BIG has worked closely with Daimler AG to create a perfect replica of the original body and design that offers incredible driving comfort and outstanding features for children from the age of 18 months.

The child-friendly ergonomics and numerous extras of Bobby Benz SLS AMG work together to provide the best possible experience. In addition to a large seat with knee recesses, the ride-on vehicle is equipped with a sports steering wheel with the original emblem of the Mercedes-Benz premium brand, Continental whisper wheels with thread and genuine wheel rims, a speedometer and a rev counter with a control dial. The direct steering gives the car a particularly small turning circle.

The Bobby Benz SLS AMG is manufactured from high-quality plastic in Germany. To ensure the highest level of quality and safety, the ride-on vehicle has been tested by the German inspection authority TÜV in accordance with strict safety guidelines (GS). The high manufacturing standard and excellent quality of materials are guaranteed by the BIG 3-year guarantee and the BIG quality passport.

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