Off you go! With sledges from BIG, the fun never stops, even in winter! Get to know our children's sledges and find out what you should look out for in terms of safety when sledging by clicking here.


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BIG Bobby Bob Wild Spider bob


BIG Bobby Bob Wild Spider bob



From Winter 2009 onwards, it's going to be incredibly cool on the snow slopes. That's because the BIG-Bobby-Bob Wild Spider in stylish black with awesome bright green stickers will be under starter's orders. Perfect ergonomics and a child-friendly design, combined with the very latest style features are guaranteed to make the BIG-Bobby-Bob Wild Spider a huge star on all mogul pistes and sledging slopes. What makes this high-quality "snow mobile" manufactured from cold-resistant and UV-resistant plastic really impressive is its many exciting features which offer tremendous play value. The superior suspension in the steering axle smooths out unevenness. The integrated horn in the ergonomically profiled handlebars provides additional safety. Rustproof, removable metal runners ensure track stability and protect against wear. Just like the BIG-Bobby-Car, the BIG-Bobby-Bob has a knee recess which in addition to the normal sitting position, allows other driving positions to be adopted when little drivers depart on their exciting journey.

BIG Snow Carver blue Paw Patrol


BIG Snow Carver blue Paw Patrol



BIG Snow Speedy lightblue


BIG Snow Speedy lightblue



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Experience the winter with the fast sledges from BIG

When the days get shorter, the first snowflakes fall from the sky and wish lists are written to Father Christmas, it's that time again: winter has begun! It's a time for contemplation, freezing cold – and sledging. Sledges from BIG bring a lot of speed into the cold season and invite young and old to fun experiences in the snow.

From what age are steerable sleds or bob sleds suitable, and what benefits do they have?

There are many types of sled. One of the best known sleds is the bob sled, which is typically quite light, equipped with a steering wheel and has three runners. Since most bobsleighs can only fit one person and steering requires a certain motor skill, these steerable sleds are more suitable for older kids aged five and up. The classic sleds without a steering wheel and with two fixed runners offer space for one child and one adult – just like most of the sliding sleds. This means that smaller children can also enjoy sledging when accompanied.

You are not yet sure whether a sledge is the right thing for your child? Maybe these advantages can convince you:

Promotion of motor skills

Sledging is a great way to develop your child's motor skills. Just getting on and off the sled and pulling the sled stimulates the gross motor skills. When steering, fine motor skills are called for.

Promotion of the sense of orientation

To be able to move the sledge safely, your child has to orientate itself in its surroundings. They also have to use their sense of balance so that they can keep their balance on the sled.

Promoting exercise in the fresh air

Sledges for children encourage exercise in the fresh air. Sledding on snow-covered slopes is a fun way to get your child physically active and enjoy valuable time outdoors.

What should you look for when buying a children's sledge?

To help you choose the right sled for your child, you will find the most important buying criteria in a practical overview below:


It's best to find out about the different sledge models in advance. Depending on the age of the children and the exact purpose of the sled, bobsleighs, sleds with steering wheels, sleds with brakes or sliding sleds, so-called sliders or snow gliders, are best suited.


Have a close look at the sleds you are considering, paying particular attention to these key features and characteristics:

  • Child-friendly operation
  • Appropriate weight that can be pulled by the child
  • High-quality, cleanly processed material
  • Optics
  • Ergonomic design
  • Type, size, and comfort of the seat
  • Achievable speeds

Cleaning and storage

How should the sled be cleaned and stored? This is also important information that you should gather before buying. It is usually sufficient to brush the sled with a small broom to remove road salt and stones. As far as storage is concerned, a shed, the cellar or even the hallway are suitable. If you want to take the sled into the house or flat, it is advisable to have a towel at hand to wipe it dry.

Age recommendation

When buying a sledge, remember to have a look at the manufacturer's age recommendation. Since individual development varies from child to child, you should also assess your child yourself. Based on this, you can then decide on an age-appropriate product.

How to make sledging a safe affair

Safety is the be-all and end-all when sledging. If you follow these tips, you will be on the safe side and avoid unnecessary dangers:

  • Beginners should start on a low, fairly flat slope
  • Consideration must always be shown to other people on the slope
  • There should always be sufficient distance between two sledges
  • Running across the piste quickly becomes dangerous and should therefore be avoided.
  • Before driving, brakes and steering (if fitted) should be checked for proper functioning
  • The sledge must not be overloaded
  • Small children should be taken between the legs by an adult

The sledge is ready, but which clothes are suitable for the snow flurry?

Choosing the right clothing is essential for a successful tobogganing experience. After all, sledging is only half the fun if you are freezing or sweating excessively. Since you and your kids will be moving around a lot on the slopes, breathable clothing is recommended – this also applies to the long underwear! The most important part of the outfit is the long snow trousers, which should reach over the shaft of the boots and be water-repellent. Combined with a jumper, snow jacket, waterproof shoes, gloves, hat and scarf, this makes the ideal sled look.

A helmet is also worth considering. Because even if you are careful, a fall can still happen when sledging. With a helmet, your child's head is well protected, which makes sense especially on slopes with heavy traffic.

Discover the whole range of sleek sledges from the BIG range

High-quality, strong design and absolutely sleek: BIG sleds meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. Our children's sledges include these cool models:

BIG Snow Speedy

The BIG Snow Speedy is a fast snow bob in a colourful shade of blue. It is made of sturdy, recyclable plastic that can easily withstand temperatures as low as – 20 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. -7 °C) and can be steered by shifting your weight. The seat and handles of this great model are ergonomically designed, which results in a particularly high level of comfort when driving.

BIG Bobby Bob

Watch out, it's time to get crazy: the BIG Bobby Bob Wild Spider snow bob is a sledge that will catch everyone's eye with its eye-catching design. The fast-paced steerable bob with the bright-green highlights compensates perfectly for uneven ground thanks to suspension in the steering axle, is equipped with replaceable metal runners and even has a horn. Ready to really step on the gas?

Conclusion: With children's sledges from BIG, winter becomes big fun

Anyone who thinks that playing outside is only really fun in summer has definitely never raced down the slopes on a BIG sledge. Our sleek children's sledges are convincing all along the line in terms of design, functionality, quality and safety and turn winter into a time full of fun in the snow. By the way, sledding promotes your child's motor skills, encourages him to move and trains his balance. So what are you waiting for?

Is a sledge not what you were looking for? Then visit our homepage and have a look at many other product categories – for example ride on cars, building blocks and sand & water toys.