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Play is a big, important part of childhood. BIG toddler toys and baby toys combine encouragement with lots of fun and offer your child the best support in their development. Find out everything you need to know about our products by reading on here.


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BIG Baby Potty Red

Baby bath & potty

BIG Baby Potty Red



Potty training is a stage of children's development that requires understanding, love and time. Parents need to exercise patience, not pressure. Every child has his or her own speed. From now on, potty training can be relaxed and stress-free with the BIG-Baby-Potty - because the fun potty incorporated into the BIG-Bobby-Car design makes potty training fun too. With its similarity to the popular BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic, the bright red potty with turning steering wheel has an almost magical attraction for young children. The child-friendly seat with high backrest makes even the longest training sessions comfortable and relaxed. Once the deed's been done, Mummy or Daddy can be summoned quickly by sounding the horn on the steering wheel. And the potty is perfect for parents too. There's an anti-spray feature to stop anything from missing the potty and a separate insert to make light work of cleaning the mini-toilet. The steering wheel is easy to remove, as is the insert which features a handle on the back rest. Top quality and the latest "Made in Germany" manufacturing technology ensure the long-lasting durability of the BIG-Baby-Potty. The high quality plastic is very easy to clean. The BIG-Baby-Potty is suitable for children aged 2 years and over.

BIG Baby Potty Grey

Baby bath & potty

BIG Baby Potty Grey



Since not all cars are the same and not all potties are the same, BIG has developed a real sports car among the potties that can make getting clean really fun! The BIG Baby Potty with rotating steering wheel attracts toddlers due to its cool vehicle look downright magical and is not only available in the classic BIG Bobby Car red, but also in a modern gray with light blue color elements. Thanks to the comfortable seat with high backrest, long races are no problem. And once you've finally reached your destination, you can quickly call mom or dad over with the horn in the steering wheel. A big advantage for the drivers, but especially for the crew at the pit stop, is the separate insert, which makes it very easy to clean the BIG Baby Potty. To do this, the steering wheel and tray can be removed effortlessly using the handle behind the backrest. The high-quality material can be completely sterilized, so that every race can be started with a real new car. Maintenance? Check! Manufactured in the modern BIG factory in Germany, the BIG Baby Potty in Grey is tested for maximum safety. From the manufacturer of the BIG Bobby-Car - BIG-buffalo strong! For children from 1.5-5 years.

BIG Rocking Elephant Rocker Grey

Animal rocker

BIG Rocking Elephant Rocker Grey



The friendly BIG Rocking Elephant makes rocking great fun, because the ears of the funny elephant make every rocking movement. The seat is anatomically shaped and thanks to the high backrest and wide leg rests, children sit comfortably and safely. In addition, the low center of gravity of the rocking animal prevents it from tipping over. Additional support is provided by the two side handles with hand guards. The combination of gray and pretty, fresh light blue looks decorative in any children's room or living room. The high-quality and UV-stable plastic material makes the BIG Rocking Elephant perfect for indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof plastic is easy and hygienic to clean. Manufactured in the modern BIG factory in Germany, the BIG Rocking Elephant has been tested for maximum safety. From the manufacturer of the BIG Bobby Car - BIG buffalo strong!

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BIG toddler & baby toys – playfully exploring the world

From the first conscious smile to the first vaguely babbled word to the first wobbly step, the baby, and toddler years are full of firsts that imprint themselves on the proud parents' memories as fond memories. Baby toys and toddler toys accompany this special time and enrich the first months and years of your child's life.

Why are toys for babies and children educationally indispensable?

Toys are part of childhood, as play is also indispensable for child development from an educational perspective. Toys have a positive effect on babies and children in the following ways:

Promotion of motor skills

Various toys for children invite them to try out different movements. Kids can playfully strengthen their motor skills, especially – but not exclusively – in the important area of fine motor skills.

Promotion of body awareness

Where does my body begin and end? Where are my body parts in space? And how do they feel during certain movements? These are all aspects of body perception that toys for children and babies address.

Cleanliness education

The topic of cleanliness education plays a significant role in the life of every toddler. Here, too, suitable toys for potty training can provide excellent support.

Strengthening autonomy

Many toys for kids encourage your child to occupy itself independently and to try out new things on its own. In this way, independence is effectively promoted.

What should you look for when buying baby's toys?

When choosing the ideal toddler or baby toy, you should consider these criteria:


The most influential features of the products can be found in the product descriptions. Find out exactly how big and heavy a toy is, what materials it is made of and what kind of use it is intended for. In this way, you can make sure that the toy of your choice fits your ideas and your child's needs perfectly. When it comes to materials, you should first look for high quality and durability. In addition, baby and toddler toys should not pose a risk of injury, for example, they should not have sharp edges and should be free of small parts that can be swallowed.

Age recommendation

Especially in baby and toddler age, development happens at breakneck speed. This makes it all the more important to carefully check the age recommendation of the toys. Since child development is a very individual matter, it is also advisable to assess the developmental stage of the individual child yourself. Ultimately, as a parent, you know best which toys for babies and toddlers your little darling can already handle and which ones might be too much for him or her.

BIG baby & toddler toys – Our range at a glance

Welcome to the big, colourful world of BIG baby and toddler toys. Here you will find everything that makes children's hearts beat faster and promotes the development of your child. We focus on the best quality, attach great importance to product safety and create sensible toddler and baby toys with fun designs. We would like to briefly introduce our products in the baby and toddler toys category below:


Probably the most important baby toy for girls and boys is a potty. After all, everything revolves around this central object during cleanliness training. The high-quality potties from BIG support the process away from nappies and towards the toilet. The special thing about them: They have unique designs and look, for example, like a racing car including a steering wheel. This turns cleanliness training into a really fun experience!

Rocking animals

Suitable for kids from the age of one, the rocking animals from BIG provide the best entertainment. They are sturdy animals made of robust plastic that have an integrated seat. Your child can sit there comfortably and rock on it. The extra-high backrest with the wide leg rests on both sides ensures very safe use of the fun rocking animals. In addition, each rocking animal is equipped with two handles that optimise the hold in the seat. And best of all: the cute animals, which include our rocking elephant, for example, are weatherproof and can therefore be taken outside without any problems.

How often should you clean baby toys?

Hygiene should not be neglected when it comes to toys for babies and children. The frequency and type of cleaning should depend on the type of baby toy and how it is used. For example, while it is sufficient to wash cuddly toys gently and by hand occasionally, a potty should be cleaned after every use. After all, it should be sparkling clean again before the toddler sits on it the next time. Basically, the following applies to baby toys and toddler toys: Whenever the child has been sick or the toy has been used by several children, a thorough cleaning is recommended.

Most toddler and baby toys made of plastic can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth and cleaned with gentle cleaning agents that do not attack the material. Since our potties and rocking animals are waterproof, they can even be rinsed with running water without hesitation.

Conclusion: Baby toys enable easy development through play

Whether for teaching cleanliness, promoting motor skills or simply for entertainment: no nursery should be without toddler toys and baby toys. The BIG toys for toddlers and babies impress with their excellent quality, cheerful designs and unbeatable value for money. At the same time, they provide targeted support for child development and make effective encouragement literally child's play!

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