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BIG Rocking Elephant Rocker Grey

Animal rocker

BIG Rocking Elephant Rocker Grey



The friendly BIG Rocking Elephant makes rocking great fun, because the ears of the funny elephant make every rocking movement. The seat is anatomically shaped and thanks to the high backrest and wide leg rests, children sit comfortably and safely. In addition, the low center of gravity of the rocking animal prevents it from tipping over. Additional support is provided by the two side handles with hand guards. The combination of gray and pretty, fresh light blue looks decorative in any children's room or living room. The high-quality and UV-stable plastic material makes the BIG Rocking Elephant perfect for indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof plastic is easy and hygienic to clean. Manufactured in the modern BIG factory in Germany, the BIG Rocking Elephant has been tested for maximum safety. From the manufacturer of the BIG Bobby Car - BIG buffalo strong!

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