BIG Bloxx building blocks for kids

Create big things from small bricks: The BIG Bloxx building blocks turn your child into a master builder and give them the opportunity to express their creativity. Find out what makes our toy bricks the ideal construction toy here.


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BIG Bloxx Hello Kitty Ice Cream Truck

Hello Kitty

BIG Bloxx Hello Kitty Ice Cream Truck



The whole world is crazy about her and in this country, too, the probably most famous Japanese has cult status: Hello Kitty, the comic cat, began her career in 1974 as a motif on a purse. The cult character with countless little fans can now also be found as part of a playful BIG-Bloxx product line. The BIG-Bloxx Hello Kitty ice cream truck playset consists of 26 parts, including a Hello Kitty play figure. The pink ice cream truck can drive off immediately with Hello Kitty and deliver ice cream. Also included are coffee pots, ice cream cups and detailed printed ice cream themed game pieces. The ice cream truck set offers children aged 18 months to 5 years lots of fun. The pretty, candy-colored parts and the popular Hello Kitty theme ensure high play value. The building blocks are compatible with familiar game pieces. Due to the high quality plastic they can be easily cleaned. HELLO KITTY used under license. SANRIO GMBH. ©1976, 2020 SANRIO CO.LTD. All rights reserved.

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BIG Bloxx building blocks – big fun for little constructors

When something really great is made from lots of little toy bricks, creative fun with building bricks is the order of the day. With the BIG Bloxx products, little builders get their money's worth and can transfer ideas from their heads directly into reality.

What are the advantages of construction toys?

The term construction toy describes toys that invite children to build and tinker. By cleverly combining different individual parts, kids can create different products. Toy building bricks are the absolute classic among the construction toys. These are building blocks for kids that can be put together with a simple handle.

The versatile toys for building enthusiasts bring these advantages:

Training of fine motor skills

Working with the small building blocks is an excellent way to train fine motor skills. Even just grasping the parts can present a certain motor challenge for toddlers. And at the latest, when it comes to connecting the play bricks precisely with each other, fine motor skills take centre stage.

Encouraging the imagination

Does your child see a pile of colourful bricks or the endless possibilities they open up? With a bit of imagination, the toy bricks can be used to build anything you can imagine. Your child gets the wonderful opportunity to follow his imagination and watch how the things he has already imagined take shape brick by brick.

Promoting creativity

Of course, creativity is also encouraged in the process. Your child can push the boundaries of reality when playing with the BIG Bloxx building blocks for kids and find out what it feels like to follow their creative side.

Building toys – From what age are building blocks suitable for children?

The age recommendation differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The BIG Bloxx building blocks can be used by children from the age of 1.5 years, provided they have a little help from their parents or older siblings.

Toy building bricks – What should you look out for when buying?

To help you choose the right building blocks for your child, we will have a closer look at the most important purchase criteria below:

Toy quality

The be-all and end-all – as with almost every toy – is the quality of the product. Choose a high-quality construction toy that has been carefully crafted. 


Can the tokens be used with those of other brands? If this is the case, you can freely combine different sets with each other, which greatly expands the play possibilities. The BIG Bloxx building blocks for kids are compatible with many building bricks from other manufacturers – for unlimited building fun!


In addition, the clamping force is an important feature: The kid's building bricks should hold together well, but not be so tight that your child can no longer separate them.


The toy building blocks of your choice should not have any sharp corners or pointed ends that could potentially injure your child. Toddlers in particular like to put the bricks in their mouths, which is why they should be made of saliva-proof plastic.

Age recommendation

Basically, kids from the age of 1.5 can handle the BIG Bloxx. However, children develop at different speeds. Therefore, the age recommendation is only intended as a guide. You should therefore assess the current stage of development yourself and decide against this background whether the building blocks are suitable for your child.

Construction toys – our unique BIG BLOXX range

With the Blox products, BIG presents you with a large and, above all, colourful world of building blocks for kids. Our toys for building stand out from the masses of products of this kind thanks to their outstanding quality, the many building possibilities and excellent workmanship. Browse through our assortment and find new favourites!

BIG Bloxx Dino Ranch

The Dino Ranch BIG Bloxx building blocks for kids promise great building fun! Of course, all the main characters, such as Blitz, Tango or Clover from the popular children's series ‘Dino Ranch’ are included. How about the great clubhouse or the breeding station, for example? The best thing about it? This set can be seamlessly combined with other BIG Bloxx sets and well-known building blocks, so your child can turn their room into an exciting dino paradise.

Conclusion: Enjoy the BIG Bloxx building blocks for kids

They promote motor skills, stimulate your child's imagination and motivate them to be creative: Building blocks for kids are versatile construction toys that give little builders a great deal of pleasure. The BIG Bloxx building blocks have many advantages. They are compatible with other products, are of first-class quality and offer unbeatable value for money. This makes them an all-round successful product that turns every child's room into a “fun zone”.

If you would like to get to know more products from BIG, you should visit our homepage. From there you can access our product categories, from baby & toddler toys to sledges and ride on toys.