BIG Bloxx Peppa Pig Play House
BIG Bloxx Peppa Pig Play House
BIG Bloxx Peppa Pig Play House

BIG Bloxx Peppa Pig Play House

  • Article number: 800057076
  • Age recommendation: from 18 months


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Product information

Peppa Pig and her little brother George can romp about to their heart's content in the large Peppa Pig Play House. It features three floors, including a large sun terrace. Peppa and George reach the first floor via a large staircase. They can whizz down the slide into the garden. This is where the small pigs can play on the swing or bounce up and down on the see-saw.

The extensive Peppa Pig building brick series allows young fans of the popular TV series to play out their own adventures with their favourite characters. The large BIG-Bloxx Peppa Pig Play House playset consists of 75 pieces. It contains a house with three floors, a slide, a swing, a see-saw, a table and chairs, various trees and flowers, and a Peppa Pig and a George figure.

BIG-Bloxx are suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years and can be combined with other well-known building bricks. They are made of high-quality plastic and are, therefore, easy to clean.


Copyright: Peppa Pig © Astley Baker Davies Ltd/Entertainment One UK Ltd 2003.

Product details

  • Dimensions assembled (L x W x H): 36 x 28,5 x 32 cm