• The LED lights of the BIG-Bobby-Car NEXT are not working, despite batteries being installed?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. The touch-sensitive on-off switch area must be dry.
    2. Only use new, or fully charged, batteries.
    3. Check whether the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity.
    4. When inserting new batteries with correct polarity, the touch-sensitive on-off switch area must not be touched! The headlights and the red confirmation LED light turn themselves on when restarted.
    5. To restart: Remove batteries from the battery compartment and follow steps 1.-4.
    6. When switching on and off, place the finger or thumb widely and do not exert any pressure.

    Should the LED lights not turn on in spite of following these steps, please contact our spare parts service directly: big.de | service.big.de

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  • The steering axle on our Bobby Car keeps jumping out. What could be the reason for this?

    Due to the manufacturing process, each Bobby Car chassis is slightly different. We therefore provide a set of spacer rings (small black plastic rings in various widths) with each Bobby Car.
    Use these rings to fill the space between the car chassis and the plastic steering wheel, ensuring the hole on the steering wheel is aligned with the hole in the metal axle. If the rings are missing, the steering rod is too loose and can jump out of the respective fixture when the Bobby Car is being used. If you do not have these rings, you can order them from our spare parts service.

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  • Which models can be fitted with BIG Whisper Wheels?

    BIG Whisper Wheels can only be fitted to all BIG Bobby Car Classic models. Due to safety standards, they cannot be used for New models or the BIG Bobby Scooter. With the BIG New Bobby Car it is, however, possible to replace the outer tyre rings individually.

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  • Which models can be fitted with the BIG push pole?

    The BIG push pole can only be used with BIG Bobby Cars Classic and BIG New Bobby Cars, as it is attached to the rear axle and the trailer coupling.
    Due to the resulting distance, it is not suitable for the BIG Bobby Quad, the BIG Bobby Scooter, the BIG Tractors or any special models, such as Porsche and Mercedes.

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  • Which accessories can I use with my special models (Porsche, Mercedes)?

    As all special versions of the BIG Bobby Car have been developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry, their chassis and axles are usually customised products. Unfortunately, none of the standard BIG Bobby Car accessories can be used for special models.

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  • Is it also possible to fit the sound modules for the BIG New Bobby Car into the steering wheels of other vehicles?

    No, unfortunately not. The sound modules for the BIG New Bobby Car were made specifically for the secret compartment in the New models and the BIG Bobby Quad and, therefore, only fit into these vehicles.
    There are, however, very cool sound steering wheels for the Bobby Car Classic as well as the BIG Sound Horn, an electronic horn that fits into all standard BIG steering wheels.

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  • Can I also attach the wheels of the BIG New Bobby Car to a Classic Bobby Car?

    No, unfortunately not. Due to safety standards, the wheels are only suitable for the chassis of the BIG New Bobby Car.

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  • Are BIG Whisper Wheels available in different colours?

    No, unfortunately not. BIG Whisper Wheels are only available in the popular colour combination with red wheel rims.

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  • The wheel rims on my BIG New Bobby Car or Fulda Bobby Car keep falling off. What can I do to prevent this?

    The wheel rims of the BIG New Bobby Car and the Fulda models must audibly engage on the wheel. If that is not possible by hand, tap them very gently with a hammer.

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  • My Bobby Car is over 25 years old. Is it still possible to get hold of a spare steering wheel?

    No, unfortunately not. Over the years, we have continued to update the steering system and the current steering wheels no longer fit your Bobby Car. We no longer supply spare parts for vehicles of this age, sorry.

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  • How can I find out when my BIG vehicle was manufactured?

    The date of manufacture can be found on the base of the chassis. The embossing is similar to that of a TÜV seal of approval.

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  • The steering wheel on the Classic Bobby Car is set at a slight angle. This prevents my child from steering the car properly and results in him turning the steering wheel back and forth. Why is the steering hole in the wrong position?

    The BIG Bobby Car Classic was developed in 1972. The shape of the steering wheel goes right back to the '70s. But that's irrelevant to children, as apparently they are (as yet) unaware of the "correct" steering wheel shape.
    Testing things out is an essential part of their development and learning, i.e. all kids love turning steering wheels back and forth. Our experience has shown that children quickly and intuitively learn how to steer and use the Bobby Car properly without any problems.

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  • Is it possible to install the BIG Sound Wheel and the LED light together?

    No, unfortunately not. The LED light can only be installed with standard steering wheels.

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  • Where is the battery compartment for changing the sound module batteries?

    The battery cover is usually on the base of the sound module. Carefully remove the sound module from the secret compartment and re-insert it after changing the batteries.

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  • Why is the BIG Tractor too small/still too big for my child?

    The age recommendations for our BIG Tractors and BIG Forklift Truck are based on the standard child sizes specified in the WHO growth tables.
    In addition to this, we carry out tractor tests in nurseries using children of the respective age groups. But, at the end of the day, each child grows individually. Therefore, we always recommend customers to visit a local retailer first to "test drive" pedal vehicles.

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  • Why is it so difficult to release the wheels on my Bobby Car? Is there an easier way of doing this?

    To prevent the wheels falling off, they are fitted with cap studs. The metal studs have three "teeth" which grip the axle after being tapped into place. It therefore requires a small amount of force to release the cap studs. Over the years we have tested a number of different techniques to facilitate wheel changing. There is however a high risk, estimated at up to 20% by independent test institutes, of the wheels falling off during use if other methods of attachment are applied - and we are not prepared to risk the safety of children in this way.
    Therefore, we continue to use the system that has proven successful since 1972 and offer some tips and tricks at https://www.big.de/en/service/tips-recommendations/wheel-changing/ That lots of our competitors, as well as other toddler ride-ons and toys, now use our system of attachment clearly demonstrates that it is currently the best method to ensure safety. Needless to say we will continue to research opportunities for enhancing wheel changing.

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  • Do BIG products contain hazardous plasticisers?

    No, we do not use hazardous plasticisers; preferring to use physiologically harmless raw materials instead. The main materials are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Both of the plastics are resistant to sweat and saliva, i.e. there is no risk when children sweat or put the product in their mouths. Furthermore, lots of BIG products display the GS mark of TÜV Rhineland for tested safety."

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  • Why do the Bobby Car stickers start to peel off so quickly?

    Like all plastics the material of the BIG Bobby Car contains oil resistant components which rise to the surface during extended storage or due to heat exposure. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they do cause the stickers to peel off. We therefore recommend you to clean the Bobby Car with a detergent based solution before affixing the stickers and then to heat up the surface and the stickers using a standard hairdryer. This ensures that the stickers stay on the car.
    The adhesives are, just like all the materials, completely safe for children. We always act with the welfare and safety of children in mind. This also means that the adhesive strength is, unfortunately, not as good as with aggressive adhesives. But the safety of children is our top priority!

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  • The screw on my steering wheel has become loose. How can that be?

    As with all products, screws can become loose after a longer period of use. Our assembly instructions therefore recommend you to check the tightness of screws at regular intervals.

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  • Are whisper wheels available for the BIG Scooter?

    No, unfortunately there are no whisper wheels available for the BIG Scooter.

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  • The hat of the BIG Aqua Clown does not stay in the air or keeps flying off. Why does this happen?

    If the hat of the BIG Aqua Clown does not shoot up, the water pressure is probably too low. If it flies off, the water pressure is too high. Check the water pressure and, if possible, raise or lower it accordingly.

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  • Our BIG Tractor makes a clicking noise when being pedalled. What should we do?

    Most probably the chain of your BIG Tractor is too slack, just like on a bicycle sometimes. Check the chain tension at the eccentric hub of the pedals and tighten it if necessary.
    Instructions on tensioning the chain can be found in the BIG assembly instructions supplied with each tractor. Information can also be found on the respective page of our website.

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  • Only one rear wheel of our BIG Tractor is driven. Is that correct?

    It is a standard drive for children's tractors that facilitates easy riding. It is used in this way by many renowned manufacturers and has proved to be highly successful.

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  • Is there a push pole available for tractors?

    No, unfortunately there is no push pole available for tractors, as the product is too heavy to be raised.

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  • There is always a clicking noise when using the bucket of our BIG John. What should we do?

    The buckets of the BIG Tractors can be folded up and down in various steps. A plastic clip is used to secure the bucket on the BIG John models. To move the bucket downwards, it is important to initially push the right-hand loading lever slightly to the rear. Pushing it to the front disengages the plastic clip in the box and the bucket can be lowered by moving both levers to the front. Simply press the right-hand lever to the front to unload the bucket.
    Before continuing on your way, pull back both levers to raise the bucket. The plastic clip engages properly and ensures the bucket is fastened securely.

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  • How can I adjust the seat of our BIG Tractor?

    Raise the backrest of the John XL and move the seat. On all the other tractors there is a yellow pin underneath the seat. Release this pin to adjust the seat and then reinsert it.

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  • The trailer axle is missing.

    The axle is located in the wheel case underneath the trailer.

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  • Are there outer tyre rings or rubber wheels available for the BIG Bike?

    No, unfortunately there are no outer tyre rings or rubber wheels available for the BIG Bike.

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  • Is there a round steering wheel available for the BIG Bobby Quad?

    No, unfortunately there is only the quad steering wheel available for the BIG Bobby Quad, which is integrated as standard.

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  • Why don't the BIG sand pits have a floor?

    Moisture could lead to the sand going mouldy or being contaminated in another way. This construction without a floor advantageously prevents moisture collecting in the sand. This is the reason why BIG sand pits do not have a floor.

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  • Our BIG sand pit leaks. What could be the reason for this?

    If the side parts have not been screwed together properly or the sand pit has not been installed on a flat surface, sand can escape from the pit. Please make sure that all the side parts have been screwed together properly and that the sand pit is standing on a flat surface.
    If the problem continues, please contact our spare parts service.

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  • Is the hard cover water-proof?

    No, the BIG Hard Cover protects against coarse dirt and debris, such as leaves or animal droppings. With the safety of children in mind, the design of the cover ensures children cannot suffocate if they hide underneath it while playing.
    This is the reason why the individual parts do not connect air tight and the cover does not protect against heavy rain.

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  • Why can't I close the two halves of the shell of the BIG Sand Watershell watertight?

    With the safety of children in mind, the design of the shell ensures the two halves cannot be closed air-tight. This ensures children get sufficient air should they hide inside the shell while playing.

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  • The hydro-turbine on our BIG Waterplay does not work properly. What could be the reason for this?

    It will not work properly if the batteries have not been inserted correctly or if the turbine has been fitted incorrectly. Please make sure that the batteries have been inserted correctly and the turbine has been installed according to the assembly instructions.

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  • Why does our BIG Waterplay leak?

    To ensure the BIG Waterplay does not leak, the rubber seals must be inserted according to the assembly instructions and the individual parts interconnected using the yellow clips.
    If the problem continues, please contact our spare parts service.

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  • Can I retrofit outer tyre rings to my BIG vehicle?

    Yes, the outer tyre rings can be ordered from our spare parts service.
    Prior to installing the outer tyre rings, make sure the rings are pliable to ensure they subsequently stick to the wheels. To do so, place the outer tyre rings in very hot water for approx. 10 minutes. The water temperature must be at least 70 - 80 degrees Celsius. Carefully remove the outer tyre rings from the water and place them over the wheels.

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  • How high is the seat on the BIG Fun Slide?

    The height of the seat depends on the angle of the slide and is approx. 80 cm for a steeper gradient and approx. 74 cm at the lowest setting.

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