Tensioning the drive chain on BIG Tractors

Should the chain on your BIG Tractor lose tension, you can increase this again easily with a few simple hand movements.

To do this, remove the cover of the chain box or the imitation engine block. The drive chain and the pedal discs should now be visible. Loosen the two disc screws and turn the disc in the direction of the seat, until the drive chain is sufficiently tensioned again. Ensure that the discs are in the same position on both sides of the vehicle. Then replace the cover or the engine block and screw it in place.

You can find illustrated instructions in the following file. Please ensure that only adults are responsible for tensioning the chain.

If you should have any queries or problems, our service team will be happy to assist you on (Tel.) +49 (0) 95 52 / 93 01-591.

Retightening_Chain (PDF/131 KB)

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