Wheel Changing

The safety of young drivers is very important to us. That is why, for many years now, to assemble the wheels we have been using so-called “cap studs”, i.e. rivets with integrated metal claws that, once struck, connect securely to the axles, thereby preventing the wheel from falling off.

New caps plus a metal hammering tool and plastic sleeves are included with each set of spare wheels from BIG. Instructions on how to change a wheel can be found in the right-hand info box.

To disassemble the caps insert a plastic sleeve in the metal hammering tool and position this on the cap being removed. Strike the metal hammering tool firmly with a hammer until the claws of the cap disengage. Remove the cap with the aid of a flathead screwdriver. You can then remove the wheel.

We recommend that experienced craftspeople use a drill with an 8-mm bit to disassemble the caps. Drill open the top of the cap or the side notches. This will take away the tension, allowing the cap to be easily removed with a pair of pliers.

To assemble the wheels of all BIG BOBBY CARs, please strip down the relevant axle and attach a wheel. Fit this to the axle by striking the cap firmly until it holds the axle evenly and securely. Then insert the axle again and attach the second wheel.

Please finally check again, for the young drivers’ safety, that all the caps are evenly and securely fixed to the axles and hold these firmly to prevent the wheels from coming loose!

If you should have any queries or problems with the wheel change, our service team will be happy to assist you on (Tel.) +49 (0) 95 52 / 93 01-591.

Wheel Changing (PDF/439 KB)

Assembly instructions

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